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Thank you for visiting our shop. We decided to introduce G.Loomis Spinning and Casting Lure Rods to U.K. anglers. G.Loomis are making rods for every method, every situation and all species you are targeting. We are sure that you will find rod matching all your requirements and we hope that it will be your favorite rod.

Unfortunately for us G.Loomis rod range is endless and we can't have every rod  in stock, but we tried to get in stock rods from various G.Loomis Series to cover specific methods (Drop Shot, Vertical Jig, Jig & Worm) and some Classic Series rods (Classic Trout Spinning Rods, Classic Mag Bass Casting Rods), aswell we have newer ranges in stock (TSR Series Trout Spinning Rods) and few rods from New NRX Series.

Hopefully range of G.Loomis Rods we stock will get bigger and you will be able to find any rod you want. But, if you know what rod you want and can't find it in our shop, please contact us and we will get that rod for you ASAP.

Thank you for visiting our shop.

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